June 29, 2013

I seem to be on a media and crime kick.  This concerns me.

It concerns me because I don’t like these images and thoughts to be swirling in my head.  What you think about, comes about.  I don’t want to be thinking about killing, crimes, or anything related.

I should be spending my time thinking about happy things and my dream coming to fruition.

You see in the media how all these things on social media are now being used against people when anything happens.

Someone’s wife was claimed to have tweeted during a funeral.  She says she did not and that the time stamp was wrong.  Everyone lashed out at her.  Crazy.

In the Boston Bombing incident, the suspects Twitter was tried to defame their character.

We have with Amanda Knox,  a nickname Foxy Knoxy that was used to build up this sexy vixen personna.

We have pictures of Trayvon Martin giving the finger in a picture.  I don’t know where it was found, but just as easily to be pulled from his Facebook page.

These things scare me.  I don’t want anything to be used against me.  I’m very opinionated.  I like sharing my opinions.  But when people pull that stuff off Facebook and Twitter it scares me.

This is something else that weighs in with me taking my stuff off Facebook/Twitter — but then my soul calling to go back on to express myself.

People can make all kinds of assumptions off of what you post on FB and Twitter.  Might as well give them no material.

And I tried that.  And I can go back to that… That’s why people say, just use it to be professional and that’s it.

But what if I am to share my opinions about things that happen in the world?

This is the fear again.

And I know this has some to do with past life stuff.  Maybe being killed/hung/whatever for being a teacher, witch, an outspoken person / leader.  I know it also may have to do with my past life being in Atlantis.  Maybe I shared too much information.  The fear there of getting in trouble or regretting something you say.

I don’t know how to handle this.  And I know this is at the heart of my fears of being on social media.

I also know someone would say, then don’t bother.  Don’t post anything.  And I’ve tried that, and I can go back to that — but it feels like then I take myself out of the game — and I want to be in the game.

I may have to have a session with one of my healers/teachers again,  help clear this up.

I can see it as a fear of taking power… possibly.  And I know I am meant to be in a leadership loud-bold-opinionated-powerful position.  This going forward and then pulling back doesn’t help me get where I want to go…

The other thing that concerns me is how I have been seeing these cases where people were planted into the plot.

The Central Park Runner / Central Park 5 — those poor boys, pushed to make up a confession.  Spent 5-7 years of their lives in jail.

The huge story that the press made it into.  (that’s another theme that concerns me)

I didn’t do much research into that story, I was only around 15 at the time.. but I do remember hearing and knowing until just last week, that she was brutally raped by 5 black boys.  That information stayed in my mind as truth for years.  But it wasn’t the truth.

Same deal now with Amanda Knox.  I don’t think she did it either.  But she was in prison for 4 years and the media made her out to be this sex crazed girl — I thought she was in some threesome with her boyfriend and roommate and that they killed her.

Again, I didn’t know much of the story, but that’s what stayed with me… again, until now.

And now the Zimmerman trial.  All I heard in passing was about this Zimmerman man who was crazy and killed a boy who was carrying Skittles – and he was attacked cause he was black and wearing a hoodie.  But again, this isn’t true.  The boy I think was a kid who caused trouble, suspended from school, a bad ass — I think he did attack Zimmerman.  I think Zimmerman was trying to have a safe community (this also has to do with the culture of FL and what goes on here) – and I do think Trayvon Martin was beating the shit out of him, going crazy.

But again, because I only heard in passing what the media was sensationalizing it out to be — I had a totally different view of this.  Racial shit.  But it’s not racial — except for the fact that I think Trayvon had a thing against whites.  So it was the other way around.

Yet, Zimmerman is the one getting death threats.  I feel bad for this guy.  I pray for this guy…

So there’s a bunch of things here

– my concern about being drawn to legal cases — I don’t want to be thinking about murder, don’t want that in my mind

– my concern over people being wrongly accused — fear for myself, being framed for something, fearful of stepping out of line – I know I shouldn’t be thinking this way either

– twitter/facebook things being used against people, misconstrued, etc.  the pressure on myself to not be opinionated / not share that on social media / fear for my life

– fear for my life about speaking up – past life stuff

– the sensationalism of the media in cases, people not getting all the details, and things being tried in the media rather than in court.

– the mob mentality, people wanting to “get” others because they don’t know the case details and all hop on the bandwagon.


Not sure what to do with this information.  I’m just letting it sit right now — it all concerns me.