May 7, 2013

So it was concluded today that I needed to have more compassion towards myself as these things change in my life.

I knew this going into it but still got wrapped up in the emotion and then sad, exhausted feeling.

Today was kind of a blur.  Woke up feeling crappy, more family dreams so obviously doing work and processing in the nighttime hours, and then today that email from that girl plus her cancellation – and the fears that brought up with her possibly disputing the payment, even though it says it clearly on the site, etc.

I keep putting that stuff to bed.

Focusing on what’s going on in my life — what I am stepping into.

And I need to have more compassion towards myself.  These are new LESSONS I am learning and I need to be PATIENT.  COMPASSIONATE, SOOTHING towards myself.

I think usually I am for the most part, but I see how this situation is asking more for more compassion from me.