July 6, 2013

I went to bed yesterday with some ideas of what to research today regarding jury details, how they are being kept and jury rules.  Thanks like that.  I also want to watch those Marxism videos to get educated or rather, re-educated about that as I remember something very faintly being taught in school about that.  Of course I wasn’t paying attention, because I didn’t like history class — and once again, all the more why again, this is role is just as surprising to me.

In any event, I pulled a message from Quan Yin yesterday (Ascended Master).  She was talking to me about compassion.  Instantly I thought, “oh no, I’m being bad.  This is about being more compassionate towards black people and Trayvon’s family, etc.” — it’s that white guilt I spoke about in that video…

But the message was geared towards compassion for myself.  To relax, take today off (which I will take it off from talking to people online about this stuff, but I do think I will be researching), to be in my own energy, process, work out and be in nature since this is a big step up that I’m offering the world.

I know that people’s racist comments come from stupidity and although I wanted to be more compassionate – it left me with no tolerance and anger.  I’m sorry… but here’s the compassion again, towards myself (I’m copying this out of my journal)

You’re learning.  To educate, not create enemies (this has been one of my biggest fears through speaking out) — I like that as a mantra.

Channeled Message…

“Dearest Blaire,

Slow down, you are moving so fast – at the speed of light – let your body, mind, energy field catch up.  Ground the energy (remember you saw the TURTLE on Thursday?)  get comfortable with this new role.

It’ll still be there if you take a moment to breathe and relax into it.  (Remember SWAN from the evening’s dream?  BALANCE)

Life doesn’t have to move at a million miles a minute – that’s the old way of behaving.  So settle in, let yourself relax, process and get comfortable with your new role.

You’re doing just fine.

Pace yourself, remember, your mission is your mission – there is no competition

(I love that line too )

It is yours and there waiting for you, even if you take a day away.

Enjoy this time.  It’s all just beginning”

Thank you.  Feeling so grateful.  I crossed the threshold!  I’m here – doing it now.

After I wrote this message I opened my angel book and got confirmation “SLOW DOWN”  – love that!!