November 6, 2012

So I’ve been thinking about how I do my business. ¬†You know this, I’ve already shared this with you ūüôā

But something keeps coming to mind.  About presenting myself and my business slightly different.  You see, traditional internet marketing is that you want to attract many people and give them things in order for them to get to know, like, and trust you.  You then have the hope that they will purchase from you if they are a good match.

“Perspectives” (as in perspective clients) can sit around for months or years on your newsletter and not purchase anything. ¬†But traditional internet marketers don’t seem to care about this. ¬†Or if they do, which I’m sure they do… they don’t talk about it publicly.

Well, doing it like I do – I am!

And here’s how I see this differently now…. to show you this point, I have to talk about something I learned through my viral website¬†experience.

See, in our culture the general belief is that you want to attract many suitors (this is to date or get married to) — attract many of them. ¬†You need a lot ūüôā

And the idea is that you “need to date a lot” in order to find “your prince amongst the frogs” – whatever the saying is…. ¬† “dating is a numbers game” ūüôā ¬†(there you go!)

But through that experience I went on with that website, I learned the opposite to be true. ¬†It’s not about the numbers. ¬†It’s not about attracting many suitors. ¬†And it’s not about keeping quiet that you want to get married (for fear of scaring men or women away with all that serious marriage talk) ūüôā

So the thought that keeps coming here is to apply that same lesson.

Apply the same lesson that I learned in love many years ago to my business.

1 – It’s not about attracting many people to my work in order to get more clients (for friends, the sad thing here is that teachers and healers and other related professionals are always talking about how they are looking to attract more clients… no matter how successful and busy they are… and I don’t want to be one of these people. ¬†I don’t want to fall into that mindset.. more on this later).


2 – Tell people up front that I am only interested in talking … or something related… to people who are serious about seeking help from someone with their growth and healing and/or attracting love or having a better relationship.

Wow…. this is a long post already, I can just feel it getting longer ūüôā

So, I have been offering a free audio series when people come to my website that they get when they share their email address.

I question whether I want to give this to everyone anymore…

I wonder if there’s another way to do this… maybe only give it to people who are considering working with me.

Then there’s the second point, which is very much related to what I just shared….

That’s the statement somewhere on my website or in my material or something that says…. I only work with… or give x, y, z info to people who are looking for someone to help them with their love lives / spiritual growth and healing.

Again, I am still sorting this out but wanted to share the process with you…. as I go through it ’cause that’s how it works on this website ūüôā ¬†That’s the beauty of it!

So no longer is the perspective of… “here’s the free material.. come on my mailing list… and please join me at events or purchase my products or programs” cause that’s all with the energy of “please pick me, pick me”

It’s also the energy of (again, relating this to the dating scene) of a loose type girl (or guy) that sleeps with every guy or hooks up with many guys, in order for them to pick her. ¬†They have the control. ¬†They get to choose whether they like her or not. ¬†She’s given away her power.

WOW. ¬†This just got so real….!! ¬†Exciting!

Instead, being a business woman and knowing I have huge value and cause big changes in people’s lives, I sit back. ¬†Chill. ¬†Observe people. ¬†Let them come to me. ¬†Receive.

And I let them contact me if interested in chatting…. or something.

Let them make contact after they see my website.

Again… just figuring this out… just working it out.

Instead of the newsletter being for prospectives…. it’s for actually clients. That’s it. ¬†And really that’s what I’ve been wanting anyway. ¬†Get rid of the users and the hang-er-outters and just have my people on that list. ¬†That’s it.

I don’t need a prospective list. ¬†That’s bullshit. ¬†Either someone is interested in having someone (me) help them or their are not.

I have been on people’s (again, internet marketers) lists forever. ¬†Sure I like them. ¬†(Well, only a couple of them… most of them annoy me). ¬†Sure I find them helpful. ¬†Some material they have shared has really changed the way I view things.

But all of it has been free.

I haven’t purchased a damn thing from them because I am suspicious of each one of them. ¬†LOL ¬†I wonder why they are giving away so much material for free. (Duh! ¬†Isn’t this exactly what I have been doing as well…. following them!!! Giving away my power and voice and not listening to my intuition). ¬†WOW. ¬†So true.

Also, I don’t purchase from them because I get the info for free, plus I was never looking for their services.

Sure I found out about them from their free stuff. ¬†Their videos and articles and radio shows and whatever else. ¬†But I’m not in the market for a business coach. ¬†(Most of them are doing business or marketing trainings). ¬†So I don’t purchase.

I don’t purchase cause although I find what they are giving is somewhat or definitely helpful, I don’t purchase.

1 – Don’t need it

2 – They are giving it for free

3 – I’m not a serious purchaser.

4 – I’m doing it on my own.

You see, I think I attracted many people who want help in their love life…. they want to find love.

BUT they are doing it on their own.

They are not seeking help… they are seeking information… and then they are looking to do it on their own.

There’s a fine line here, but many of us look for information on the internet and then there’s another portion of us that are actually in the market for a real live teacher or healer.

I’m going to let this sit for a minute, but I think I am going to take my newsletter sign up off my website right now.