June 16, 2013

This is a channeled message I got from Spirit last night before bed.

Dearest Blaire, we see how at times – this time 0 in your life is a struggle or can get frustrating.  We want to assure you that everything is happening as planned.

The Divine Blueprint is in motion.

You will find your way here as you have found your way in all other elements of your life.

Enjoy this time of being “frustrated” and not knowing – praying – surrendering – getting angry – upset – and then frustrated again.  It all has a purpose.

Like a butterfly out of a cocoon before it gets it’s wings and flies.  It needs to use its energy and it’s might to get itself out.  Imagine how that butterfly feels?

One wing pushed out after the next – but it happens my dear, it happens.

It’s nature and so are you.

So just be in the process and keep going at it.

You can do it – and you will fly.


I loved the message and so could relate to it.

Thank you.  Made me feel very much loved and on purpose.