March 5, 2014

These days I see myself as “coasting”

I’m not sure if this is what I’m supposed to be doing, but it’s what’s happening.

Coasting — I was originally thinking of it as slacking when I started this post — but now I have a visual of someone with their wings out and coasting / flying through the wind.  Letting the wind take them where it may.  I like that visual.  Much more positive than my original thoughts about the word 🙂

Wow, thank you!

As I said in the last post, I went through all this growth and there was all this pressure I put on myself to do things faster and get somewhere quicker.  There was pressure that I wish I didn’t put on myself.

So these last two days when I’ve been guided to just rest.

Not inspired action has come to me do otherwise.  Nothing that has called my attention and I’ve been tired.  Which sometimes I think – or wonder – if the tiredness comes because I have nothing to do….

But I see that life is stable.  I see how Spirit has always provided money for me even when I had none and bills due and I was in a panic….

Spirit has always provided.

Spirit has always opened up opportunities for me and directed my life in some way.

This goes into the conversation and the thought again about is life really for us to do.. or is it pre-written.  So many times I go to the thought that it’s pre-written…. although I do think that some people don’t complete what they are meant to do here, so it’s still a grey area sometimes for me…

But I just want to give myself the gift of being grateful.  Happy.  Now.

Sure I want the TV job and more money – lots of money – and a new home and in a new area, and on and on.

But Spirit knows all I want… and it’s here in the etheric and just let it be.

I can’t every day wake up and do my visualization about it. I have been doing that and it gets really old.  They know what I want.  It’s already here.  So no need to keep beating that same old drum.

So just be in the moment.

Do whatever I want.

Be present.

Be relaxed.

I pray each morning and throughout the day when it comes to mind for Spirit to guide me, to put me where they want me to be in life, to offer my gifts — so they’ll do that when they want.

And in the meantime I can just live.

Money is provided so I don’t need to be in the lack or panic about that anymore.  I’ve seen it happen over and over again – – Spirit has shown me that money is always provided so I can relax.  I’ve mastered that. It’s an illusion and I make it appear.

So that’s it.

If I want to sit on the couch, I can.

I’m figuring out a new way of being in the world — in my life right now.


(The new visual/ definition I have about it.  I love that visual.  Exactly how I feel. I go where the wind/G-d takes me.  Yes!)  Thank you!