March 8, 2014

I’ve been noticing for about 2 weeks now I’ve had this concern.  Fear that I don’t know what station would be good for me — who would be good to work with — who would want me — because #1) I speak against the common paradigm and #2) I seem to have something to say about everyone.  Potentially insulting my network, people at the network, other shows, personalities, etc.

I’ve been noticing these fears, but not actively clearing and healing them — until today.

I need to focus on this now and clear it.

It’s a stopping point for me — and it’s also not something for me to take care of — G-d will work it out.

As I was praying about this stuff today, as well as doing more breathing exercises to clear out the fear and anxiety related — as well as concern for taking myself out of the game with these thoughts — the word GUINEA PIG came up.

This word was first said to me about a week ago when I was calling one of my “phone psychics” (I wrote about this in my addiction post) 🙂  This lady was doing a new type of psychic reading that I never saw before and I wanted to experience it.

I called into her radio show and she said I was her “guinea pig”

Hmm… okay.

Then I was at my eye doctors office and he was looking in my eye and called a student in and started teaching him as they were staring into my eye with a bright light.  This annoyed me to be “a guinea pig” — and I even said it out loud to him.

So this was twice with this word… and I noticed it then, but didn’t do anything else about it — UNTIL this morning when I was watching a news report and the reporter said “we’re all guinea pigs”


Okay Spirit you got my attention.

So I looked up Guinea Pig as a totem animal and interestingly enough, here’s what it says…


The Guinea Pig or Hamster brings like minded people
to you with its appearance in your life.
No matter how different your beliefs are from the norm,
you will find yourself meeting people who think like you do.

When this totem appears, it signals a time
to explore new possibilities, a time to open (or reopen) spiritual doors.
It also brings a cautionary message:
are you being too solitary in your spiritual practices?
Do you need to seek out groups to help with your healing work?
Are you ignoring the opportunities presented to you
to involve yourself in healing activities?

Take advantage of all the opportunities
that this special totem brings.


The bold section is all I needed to hear…. Thank you!  Deep breaths.  Once again, all is well.  Sometimes, many times it helps to have that “outside of us” sign to confirm it. Thank you!