July 5, 2013

Last night I had quite an emotional dream.  I was screaming like crazy.  So much anger coming out of me in my dream when I woke up.

I prayed about it.

Also thought — oh gosh, look at all this anger coming out of me (maybe cause Zimmerman trial?) — and this is why my jaw has been hurting?  (jaw problems has to do with anger)

Angels said to me this is just residual grief.

Which instantly made sense, because this was the Akashic reading from the day before… or two days before ( I can’t remember.. I wrote about it on here)

And it also made sense because anger is never just anger, always something underlying it.


Deep sorrow.

And then I pulled my angel book to get a message (this was in middle of night) and it said to call on AA Azrael, to clear out grief — to give hope to myself and so I can share it with others.

Then energetically, I did a healing with them — a clearing — of my heart.  I saw it while it was happening.  We were going into all the crevices.  Getting it all out of there.

Now that I’m writing this I’m thinking… if you remove that grief, it can no longer be triggered — which has been coming up for me big time with this trial.

But again with that said, I still need to process stuff today.  Will be in silence / off computer tonight and hopefully most of weekend.

Relaxing things.  Self care.  Although I do have ideas for two more Zimmerman videos..

Need to process this stuff.  Clear it out.  Let it leave my body..

Today has been real sad as well.  I’ve cried a few times, so sad about twitter feed and comments I’ve gotten on my YouTube and on twitter.