May 12, 2013

I find the importance of clearing my energy when I feel knots in my stomach or something that might not be good for my flow.

So I was feeling a little funky this afternoon and I had to dance it out.

That’s right.

I sang and danced it out.


Who the fuck cares.

If this stuff is screwing with your mojo, something you are trying to manifest – you want those downer feelings out of you real quick.

So I found something on YouTube — a song about money by 50 cent and then a song about making it to the top by Drake.

I pulled up the songs with the lyrics and then yelled them outloud, off key, and totally did a breakdown dance to go with it.

All with the intention to clear it.

And I did.

Then I ate and went for a swim.  That’s another thing these days that I find as really important.  Clearing the mind and the body, grounding it, through exercise.

Been real proud of myself for swimming twice in a row and I really enjoy it.

I remember that feeling 🙂


It’s happening.  It’s happening now.  NICE!  THANK YOU!