June 12, 2013

So I am clearing more fears related to this Facebook/social media change.

The question is, am I trying to kill my business?

My following?

Am I crazy for doing what I’m doing?

We’re going back to business like the old days.

One where people come to you, and they pay for services.

The end.

No more people who are followers.  Which is really people who are tag-alongers.  People trying to hang on for as long as they can to get information.

No more of that.

The question then is, should I just tweet things and let it go to FB and not sign on to Facebook?

Well, I’ve tried that but it didn’t work.

Should I put a subscribe button on my blog?  That notifies people when a new blog is posted?

This one is questionable….

The reason why I didn’t like it before was because I had to prepare that email.  This thing will send the email for me.

So do I want to do that?

I’m not sure about that.

Why do people need to be reminded to visit my site again?

I have subscribed to people’s YouTube channels and I’ll get an email when they post a new video, but I also ignore a lot of those emails.

Actually most of the time those emails are definitely ignored.

So what’s the difference?

Again I’ll be able to see the numbers of people who are subscribed.  And who’s to say that again I will get annoyed at the amount of people signing up / not signing up — responding or ignoring.

I think I will resist that and let people come and visit my site.

Then the thought is that I’ve bookmarked sites and then I never remember to go back.

Okay again… but if there is something you want, then you remind yourself to go back.

For example, I listen to one website’s online radio show.  I know when I have a free moment during the week, I will go to that site to listen to the latest radio shows.  End of story, I know to go.  I am reminded, it’s in my mind.

I’m not on their mailing list to get an email.  I just go….

(Btw, it’s 333 as I write this.  Very nice confirmation thank you)

Same deal with another’s person’s radio show each week.  I go at that time, cause I remind myself.  I actually unsubscribed from the lady’s email list cause I didn’t want more emails.  But I still know that every week at such and such time she does her radio show.  So I tune in.

Just because social media was invented it’s like we have to have ALL ACCESS to someone ALL THE TIME.  Facebook, twitter, youtube, email list, blog.  More, more, more.

What does that more access to someone give you?


Well, isn’t the point of business to get people obsessed about you?  Addicted to the information you share?  Well, maybe.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Again, I think the idea here is again… what I’ve been saying for months and months and months, it’s to get paid.

I’m not looking to create community.

I’m not looking to make friends.

I’m in business to help people and get paid for it.

The end.

Why does saying this make me feel bad?  Why do I feel you are judging me for this?

This is what business is for…. to help people with your natural talents and gifts and get paid for it.

The end.

Somehow social media came along and everyone is like “get people to like you and they will buy more” — what?  Hell no.  I’ve never experienced that.

It’s good for exposure, but if those people aren’t buying from you, what’s the point of exposure?

That’s the part where you’ve lost me.

I’m going for a walk… (btw, I got super tired today.  Must be processing a lot of stuff.)