February 25, 2014

I realized the last day or two that this time in my life, as I am preparing for my move — because I can see someone say, like my mom saying “you’ve been packing for a long time” or “why is it taking so long” or ” you don’t even know where you’re going”

You see I recently reconnected with my parents and have seen my mom quite a lot — maybe too much — and her voice has been in my head again.  Not sure if it’s affecting me as much… I have to think about this.

But in any event, I am very happy about the time it’s taking me to clear.  I realize that these last few weeks it’s been an adjustment of energy and clearing of my doubts and fears.

So as I move my physical items around and think about how I will do this — I notice that fears about my dreams actually coming true — and can I do it?  Can I produce?  Can I really be that person I dream of? And so on….

So I’m noticing my fears and doubts, and doing the work to clear and heal them, and being okay with it.  This is where I am now, I’m moving through it, and I’m okay with it.  Compassion.  Patience.  We’re moving in the right direction.  Everything’s going as planned.

Thank you.