January 6, 2013

So I notice how this blog has (temporarily) gotten more into my personal life.  I am hesitant about writing about this stuff, but am doing it to honor the journey as I think it’s going to somehow relate to maybe something new I teach.  Once we get on the spiritual path – and then the journey of being a teacher, healer, leader…. every experience we have in our personal life, effects our professional life.

So with that said, I want to share something that has been in my mind and something that has come up again, today.

Classifications of people.

When I was first getting into spirituality, I was in that class – “spiritual”

I read books and went to classes.  Nothing major, I don’t think… although not sure I remember all the details now.  Well, I did go to a week long training of healing, but still I was a newbie.

I called myself spiritual.

But I was still very much in the mainstream.

Now that I am on the other end of “spiritual” – as in very, very spiritual I see things different.

I classify people.  Maybe this is bad, being judgmental, but I look at it as more of an assessment. Maybe?

Now I see people like this.  A scale / a spectrum.

MAINSTREAM —->  Spiritual (intro) —-> more spiritual (vegan/vegetarian/juicer/meditator) —> more spiritual (medium/teacher/healer/working in the field as a profession) —> more spiritual, living the lifestyle / doing what you preach / —>  healed / enlightened  (walking your talk, awareness, enlightened)

I don’t have labels for this spectrum, but I see this now.  I notice it when I meet people and when I talk with them.  Nowadays when I got out into the world to make friends, and by this I mean not acquaintances but a friend who is knows my inner workings, a close friend, “best friend” – I would want them to be on that latter end of the spectrum.  Someone who inspires me to be better.  To be more enlightened.  Someone who if I had an issue to share that I know I would get an enlightened response.

So I don’t have a conclusion to share with this post, I just wanted to share my thoughts with this topic.  I seem to be noticing myself editing myself more than ever these days.  I am viewing that as “bad” right now, but I again see this as being discerning.  Knowing who can understand deeper stuff, who I can go into deeper stuff with, and who wouldn’t get it.

I’m in my growth / healing “confusion” head right now, I think it’s best if I just get off the computer, meditate, pray, journal  Will write more on this I’m sure 🙂