January 5, 2013

Today, Magic was learning some agility tricks with a new trainer.  When we were doing the tricks, she kept on telling me to cheer louder.

I was ‘kind of’ fighting her on this.

“He hears me…. he’s doing the trick”

“Yes, but cheer louder – make it more fun,” she said.

Oh man.  Leave me alone.  I thought in my head.

And then I started thinking about this.  Why don’t I cheer louder?

I don’t want to.

I don’t need to.

It’s stupid.

Embarrassing too.

Why do I need to do it anyway?

It’s part of the activity.  It’s part of the way you do it…

I don’t know.  Oh well….

But then I thought about it more while I was driving home.  Why is it that I don’t get more excited?  Why is it that I don’t cheer louder?

I hate cheerleaders.  Those super perky people are annoying.  They’re fake.

Maybe I also don’t cheer louder cause I figure, what’s the point?

This made me think of my business.  Do I not cheer loud enough for my business?  For my work?

This could be a reach… but let’s just play it out.  Let’s explore…

Am I afraid of standing out?  Like really standing out? And looking stupid?

Do I not “cheer louder” because I think others won’t cheer with me?

This makes me think about leading my VIolence Movement and trying to get others to follow me.

Do I need to “cheer louder” to get more people to follow me?  And follow this movement?

I don’t know…


Maybe I’m too quiet.

Maybe I don’t give it my all.

Maybe I don’t cheer louder because I’m afraid I’ll fall flat.  Be left in the cold.  Look stupid.  Be alone.

But here, in dog training class, what a good place to practice really sticking out, “cheering louder”, being enthusiastic, being OVER THE TOP.

I know my dog, Magic won’t let me down.

I know he’ll come to me when I call him.

I know he’ll do the trick I’m trying to get him to do.

What would happen if I gave it my all?  And really got excited?  And CHEERED LOUDER?

I only have a few classes left in the pass I bought… but I’ll try this.  And see how it goes…