January 1, 2013

Check out my balls.  My video that you just saw.  Hell yea.  I’ve watched the video a few times and I’m in love with myself.  I can feel my power.  I look good too.

Look at me now.

I am so proud of myself.

Go big or go home — and I’m going big!

The hashtag with twitter.  Hell yea.  Who does that?

Yea – I do!

I would have been so freaked out to do that in the past.  Fearful that someone (like I used to do…) would go to that hashtag, to look it up, and see how nobody or very few people posted up there about the movement.

I would have never…

But now, I do it.

Yes, I do it.

And wow.  Check out my balls!

That’s right.

Martin Luther said, it doesn’t matter who follows my movement as long as I do.

As long as I believe in it.  And as long as I do it.

So every day this week – for 7 days, I will be the example that leads.

Each day I will post (and possibly even send out an email) stating what I am eliminating from my life that has to do with violence

(Only problem right now, I only have one thing I have been working on… I already eliminated a lot of violent things from my life…) 🙂  so ut-oh!  LOL

But I’m moving forward.

That could be my ego trying to hold me back.  But I am moving ahead.

And I am so proud of me.  I am so proud of my light.

And whatever it stirs up in people, it stirs up.  I don’t care.  I don’t go quiet whether people watch the video or not.  Whether they share, or not.  Whether they do the Violence Detox or not.

I still do it.  I keep moving forward.

This is my schedule for the next 7 days.

Commitment.  Commitment to my movement.  Commitment to my work.  Commitment to lead.  Yes.

I used to shrink in the past.

Used to shrink to match other people’s energy.  To fit in.  To hide.

But I never fit in.  NEVER.


Even with me shrinking my shine.

I always stood out.


No matter what I did to hide my shine.  Whether that was no makeup, no heels, no dressing up, no speaking up, no being opinionated.  Being silence.  I still always stood out.  I always was recognized as different.


I am me and I am unique and I am a leader.

I’m not meant to be in the bunch.  I’m not meant to be a sheep.

I’m a leader.

I’m meant to stand out.  I’m meant to shine.

So yes.  Yes, indeed.  Check out my shine and check out my balls.

I am staying like this.  I am increasing my energy size – my aura.  I will continue to grow and I will continue to shine.  Because this is who I am and this is always who I was meant to be.