February 25, 2013

This video was circulating on Facebook and it made me smile.  Look at her shining her light.  Obviously this woman was encouraged to speak up – share her voice – and personality.

Even though I was as well, in many ways I was not.

This got me thinking about you and my community as well.

Most of my students were not encouraged to be all they can be.  I feel slightly jealous of this girl.  I wonder about her upbringing.  Here she was encouraged to put her energy OUT.  To shine her light.  Be raunchy or disrespectful or whatever, whereas most of us, if not all of my students were told to keep things more internal.  To be afraid of what others may think.  To be afraid of the reactions.  To be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.  To be afraid of their reputations.

This woman looks so free.  She’s making faces at the press’ questions, answering all sarcastic and mocking.  It comes across as funny… but I couldn’t help but put myself in her position and I know for sure I wouldn’t have responded the way she did.  I don’t even think it would have crossed my mind.  Me, like maybe, most likely you, would have been serious.  Taken each of their questions  very seriously.  Maybe a smile and laugh here and there but definitely not the balls to outwardly and openly almost insult the press and their questions.  We would be too afraid of our reputation.  Of being talked about.  Looked at as wrong, hurting someone’s feelings.

I admire this woman and I will continue to watch this video and continue to watch others as they share their personality fearlessly.  This is something I have been doing for several years now as the desire for me to have more and more freedom in my life arises.  I wish you luck in achieving more of this creative freedom, as I wish myself the same.