January 28, 2013

333, 444, and 555 today from Spirit.  Dream with loads of spiders walking on me, as well as had a spider in my house today.  I think the spiders are present due to all the writing I have been doing, weaving the past into the future and weaving magic through words.

The last few days I have been asking Spirit for more students, as well as more money.  The Universe brought them both almost instantly.  In one incident it was a day response, in the other it was a few minutes.  Amazing.

I asked Spirit about this and they said, they can manifest with me instantly when I don’t have any resistance.  Interesting.  I’ve heard this before, now I almost immediately experienced it.  Incredible.

I was thinking about working with students and how I have at times struggled and stressed over this.  I realize that – and this is something I am “righting” now – is that when you have a chaotic life, say you are exhausted a lot of the time, or going through healing yourself, or dealing with relationship or career or health issues — there’s no way you have room in your life for say, more students.

Spirit needs you to take care of yourself first.  And since self care and self love has been a constant theme for me, that became apparent these last few years, I am focusing on this a lot this week.

I have to show the Universe that no, writing this book is not going to dominate my life and exhaust me – that I am going to have balance for other things.

Today was a tired day.  I worked over the weekend and here I am on Monday, still working into the night and will be taking off tomorrow.

I get so excited about certain projects that it’s hard to pull me away, but I need to do this to allow Spirit to expand my career.  I want it to and that means not just working on one element or the other, but many.

To balance these things takes energy.  It takes focus.  It also takes tons of playtime and enjoyment.

So I am making a statement.  Holding the space for more.  And I have to work at it.  Work to schedule in enough play, exercise, good eating and caring for myself… because if I don’t, then there won’t be room (time or energy) for me to have MORE.