May 11, 2013

And this has totally changed the energy.

It’s changed it to one of understanding.

I don’t need you — you need me.

And that at the core of it, is what it is.

People who are drawn to me by Spirit — they need me.

They need my services.

They need my help

They need my guidance.

They need me.

I don’t need them.

Before they were on the defensive, that I needed them for money.

But the truth is, I don’t.

All I need is my connection to Spirit.

And I have that.

I have the knowledge with what they are suffering with.

I have how to conquer and heal through that.

I have that to offer them… if they want it.

But let’s get it straight — they need me.  Not the other way around.

And when you have a mailing list and are constantly sending people shit, trying to get them to “like” you, and sign on with you, and whatever, the energy is totally f’ed up.  It gives the impression that you are desperate.  That you need them to pay attention to you.  That you need them.

And that again, is not true.

They want the healing?  They want the knowledge?  The wisdom?  The peace of mind?  The attraction and manifestation techniques?

Well, then they come find me.

That’s the way it works.  And that SO MAKES SENSE TO ME NOW!!