June 6, 2013

Yesterday I officially put my prayer of “please bring me more paying students” to rest.

I’m not praying like that anymore.  I find it unnecessary.

I see how clearing out students was necessary for this time.  I needed to feel the rejection and the insecurity and whatever else in order to move me to the place where I am now.

I wasn’t happy then.

I wasn’t happy with the students I was attracting (overall) — and I wasn’t totally happy with how I was working.  There was something that was off.  Uncomfortable.  I overlooked it because I didn’t know what else to do.

But now that I’ve had this S P A C E in my schedule and in my mental state — because, guess what?  When I’m working privately with someone, I still think about them when they are not in session — many people say this is a boundaries issue, but it’s part of the thing I offer to my students, because I do care about them and I am invested in their growth, healing and changes as well.

So with all that clutter in the mental space, I wouldn’t have welcomed in this new way of doing things.  I would have still always wanted to do TV but not taken the time to pursue it.

Which I am doing now (and getting great guidance and doors opening — easier flow)

So I’m letting it be.

Gratitude for the experiences.  Grateful for the lessons.  Spirit is providing money for me — I have released that attachment to “please bring money through my business” demand as well — and I’m just letting it be.

The money is flowing.  It always will.  And things are still shifting for me — and of course it will come through my business.

I am accepting more and more my gifts… my “weirdness” that comes with it.. the judgments people may have with the way I do things, the way I am moving into…. when it’s really me living life to the fullest.  Having fun.  Being free.  The more I accept my gifts, the more I release the concern about what other people think about me, or how they feel when I’m expressing myself, the more I am able to find my tribe, and do the work I am meant to do, as well as get paid abundantly for it.  I am started to get it now.  Thank you.