June 16, 2013

Changes and changes….

I’m tired today.

Had a headache yesterday after swimming — I think it was from the time my head was in the direct sunlight.  It’s too hot down here now.  Terrible.

So the headache went into the evening — then left for a little bit and now it’s back.

I can’t help but think it’s about the stress of my move.

I know — one might say I do this to myself…

But I had a talk with myself and Spirit and this is what I came up with….

Blaire, what are you stressed about?

My move.

But this is what you wanted to do, right?


I’m excited about these changes — I’ve been asking for my life to change.

I’m worried about the changes — afraid my whole life is going to change.

Okay, so isn’t that funny.

You wanted the changes in every part of your life…. and you’re afraid of the changes to every part of your life.


Let’s review the changes you asked for.

You asked to move out to California.  Yes.  You’ll get this.

You asked for the job in TV.  Yes.  You’ll get this.

You asked for more money.  Lots of money.  Yes.  You’ll get this.

You asked to be with your life partner.  Yes.  You’ll get this.

You’re going to have a lot of friends out in LA.  Yes.  You wanted this, you’ll get this.

Yes.  Okay, your whole life will change.

But you’ll like it and you’ll be okay.  It will all happen naturally.  You’ll breathe through it.  We’ll help you through it.

You’re going to be doing everything you love.

It’s everything that you’ve wanted.


Everything is going to change.

Ahh.  Deep breathe.

Listen Blaire.  All you are doing now is research.  Research for your move.

You need to do this to get ready.

You didn’t give notice to your management company.  So you still have a place to live.  No worries.

You’re not being kicked out of anywhere.  You are safe.  Everything is okay.

You adjust to this in stages like everything else.

It’s okay.

You’re just doing research… that’s all what it is.  Research.

Step by step.

It’s all good.  You’re going to be okay.  You’re going to be better than okay.

And this is why we keep telling you that it’s good for you to be outside.

Nature will help you with this.

Now get off the computer.  Turn it off.  cause your head is starting to hurt more.

You’re just really tired too.

You do a lot of processing all day long and in  your sleep.

A lot of thinking.

That all takes energy.

Take good care of yourself dear.  Goodnight.  Tomorrow you’ll feel better.