May 12, 2013

So I was going to sit down, eat dinner, and watch a movie — but Spirit was like – no, enjoy this moment, enjoy this excitement.  Enjoy this feeling!

You are meeting with a TV Exec tomorrow!  This is big!!

Now my logical mind gets what this meeting is about.  I’ve done several before — but this time I’m doing it different.  It’s a big deal and I’m excited about it — and will remain excited about it.

GOOD JOB BLAIRE, GOOD JOB!  My Spirit Friends keep saying to me.  I have been saying — and I know — that things can change in an instant.  That my life can improve in an instant.  They kept saying Good job.  I was like.. it’s you guys, thank you for doing this for me.  Thank you!

And they were like, we want you to be happy!  We want you to be happy!

So I blessed my meal, I toasted myself, I appreciated myself, I complimented myself, I thanked my guides, I told myself I cooked the meal especially for me and my celebration and that we’re honoring me. I sat in the feeling… for a bit.

Then it was silent and Spirit said, okay — go watch that movie you wanted.  Celebrate that way!

And I am.

Celebration.  So important.

And tonight I will spend some time thinking and writing about my intentions for tomorrow’s meeting, what I’m looking to get out of it, what type of person I want this person to be / the person for me to work with, etc.


So proud of myself!! YES YES YES

And the songs are flowing out of me!!

I’m a songwriter.. and singer!

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my events end up being this big entertainment production filled with song and dance.  That’s been coming to me for awhile now.  And now that I’m writing songs again about manifestation, etc I totally see how it makes sense and how it can really happen!