May 12, 2013

So fantastic news!!

I got an email an hour ago from a LA exec, someone in development.  PERFECT!  That’s exactly who I’ve been wanting to speak to.  Someone in development.

This was the subject of the email that I saw through my email…

TV series appearance

Hell yea!  Fuck yea!

Jumping for joy!  He wants to do a chat tomorrow and see if there’s a TV series in me.


I was jumping for joy and dancing around my apartment.  Praising my Spirit friends!  So happy!!!

Then I started singing a new song, some of the lyrics… “I thank you for making my dreams come true… you never let me down”

Ahh!  So happy.  Yes, yes, yes!!!

I’m ready.  Moving out to LA!

Ohh.. then there was another song that came out… “This time I’m moving to LA to do what I love”… I went out to LA in the past to work on TV, but that was behind the scenes.  Casting.

I’m so happy!! Yes, thank you!!!

PS:  Remember how I told you because of the money and being hungry for it, etc having to hustle and do things that I made that video about Scandal today!  Well, all things are related.  I showed up to perform!!

PSS:  I felt guided to “friend” this person on Facebook.  Something led me to him… I was praying to my Spirit friends to lead me to the right person – and there you go!!

PSSS:  This was after a meditation where Spirit was asking me “What would you do if you had the money you need?  Well go do that now then, enjoy your day and your evening… ”  They also had given me an idea of where to get more money… I’m going to call tomorrow, about taking my money out of my IRA.  I know there’s usually a penalty, but hey, if you need the money, then you need it and it’s what I have to do.