June 17, 2013

So I just called my contact  — a TV contact I have.

Another one of those Facebook friends, but I actually know this guy.  Met with him many years ago.

We’ve talked since.  But again, you never really know how someone’s going to react to you.

Whether or not they’ll take your call, etc.

So here’s the deal.

I noticed a bit of nervousness.  Hesitation even.  But I pulled myself through.

Why the hesitation?

I’ll tell you…

There’s the feeling that your “big break” relies on this one person.  Whether they say yes or no.

Whether you can move forward with them or have to seek out and pursue someone else.

There’s a feeling of having to prove yourself.  Or again, really just praying they get on the phone and are receptive.

So I did what I could do.

I talked myself up — in my head and outside.

Took Magic for short walk to check in with Nature if this was a good time to contact him.

Gave myself a pep talk.

Talked to the person’s energy field.  Instilled good thoughts about me.

I kept talking myself up.

How great I am.  How great my project is.  How I’m moving forward with this now regardless of what happens with him in the next few minutes.

I just keep going.

I walked into the apartment, feeling good.

Told myself to be light, playful, joking.

Got myself psyched.

Called and got his assistant.

Had a good chat with her.  Established fun rapport.

Got good information as to when he’ll be available.

Will call back later….

Let’s do this!

I’m doing this!  Now.  Yes