February 3, 2013

Well, my oh my.

This weekend was one filled with boredom at times, restlessness, and upset.

I kept getting the bee as a totem animal.

I think that was originally for 1) accomplishing the impossible… the promise of dreams coming true if you keep plugging away at them.

But then I think the bee totem turned into 2) me enjoying life and not becoming a workaholic.  Which led to boredom and restlessness and upset with the “not knowing what to do with my time” and missing my Twin Flame relationship.  Somehow I am mourning that again… although I think this is truly the end of it, as before the mourning was filled with intense anger and resentment and now it’s filled with love.

It was amazing how that bee totem was following me around these last 3 days… as it flew into my car today when I was driving and I was freaking out since he landed on my shirt when I was at a red light.

But now I am reminded of the bee totem again, as I am busy as a bee… plugging away at my new meetup group.

Posting events like a mad woman.

I wrote a blog post about coping with the loss of your Twin Flame… then wanted to journal and communicate with Spirit to get some more feedback to questions I have about that relationship…and they told me to do a celebration ceremony to mark all I have achieved from this relationship — that being 1) being healed 2) reaching enlightenment and 3) being put on my path.

Three huge things.

And that I should not only just celebrate,but invite my new community to join me.  To be witnessed by them and that they will learn things and go through healing also by witnessing it.

So off I went and one idea for a “friend request” after the next on my new meetup group and idea was put online.  All in rapid fire.  So I smile.  Funny.  Committed to 6 months for the meetup group.  The guides have been yelling at me all weekend to put my meetup group up there – “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR – JUST DO IT — LET IT TURN INTO WHAT IT WILL — LET US LEAD YOU – DO IT” — so I did.

Don’t want them putting the pressure on me anymore and don’t like them screaming in my ear.  Funny 🙂