November 5, 2012

So, on a daily basis these days I ask myself “How Can I Bring In More Joy?”

“What would bring me joy today?”

and I pray… “Please bring me more play”

I actually have been doing this spiritual practice for about a year now.. and just now I am at the point where I am allowing it to come in.

You see, there’s a little child inside each one of us that wants to play.

When we get older we resist this little kid cause we have responsibilities… bills… work… expenses.

Our society has taught us that it’s one or the other… be responsible and work … or play and be a goof off.

But I am learning that the more I play, the more joy I have, and the more I attract the real me and my true calling.

The tricky part is getting to that place where you turn down the volume of your head (your thoughts) and turn up the volume of your heart (passion, intuition, guiding force)

Wow, so proud of myself that I’ve gotten here.

It’s amazing.

You can get here too if you are not already experiencing this… just have it in your mind that you want it.  Intend for it… pray for it.  Study to get it… I am here if you’d like personal help because yes, this is all about Heart Healing.  It will come!  🙂  And boy, celebration time when it does!