June 2, 2013

Yesterday I went to the movies.  The numbers continue to follow me… the first movie I saw was at 5:55 — and there was a reference to 4:44 in there too.  All day, every day numbers speak to me.  I stopped writing about them because they are now my new normal.

I send emails and when it’s a special connection, something divinely guided, it will end up “by coincidence” being a special number.  Like I said, all day long the numbers will show up, guide me, speak to me, etc.  Cool how I aligned to this new communication already.  Same deal with all the animals speaking to me – used to it, don’t even mention it with you guys anymore.  It’s just normal to me.

Ohh, and I wanted to share – that bouncy ball I found yesterday, I realized even more the reason why Spirit gave it to me.  First off, it was a lot of fun to play with. I was playing with it at the pool and started playing with some kids with it. 🙂  I always end up making kid friends.

But more than that, I realized that that’s what I’ve been doing with the work I teach.  I have been making it more playful.

When I was doing my Event Planning Company in NYC, I was teaching (not me personally, I hired, trained the instructors and designed the courses) sexuality but presenting it in a playful manner.  Discussing sexuality — learning about it — is a sensitive subject.  Taboo.  And we were doing spicy topics.  Lap dancing classes, strip tease classes, blow job classes, dominatrix classes.  It was crazy stuff — makes me laugh on how I came up with the idea to do those classes — this was many years ago before these things spread to other places, I was the first company to do it in NYC.

But anyway, the point of that is that I took a heavy subject, a personal subject, private and made it fun to come to, talk about, and take part of.  It was all girl classes – and they loved it.

That was my special sauce.

But when I started doing Love Guru I didn’t take my special formula with me.  And interestingly enough, it always bothered me.

I hated that I was doing a company that I was bored of (my Event Planning Company) and had outgrown — but still felt drawn to it because it was fun and playful.  There was a light party feel to it.

And hated the fact that when I was doing what I knew I was meant to do in this world – Love Guru – that it was heavy feeling, boring almost.

Spirituality has always been on the heavy, serious, boring side.

I was always deeply interested in it and have done intense study and healing work on my own and with many teachers and healers over the years, but spirituality still was always on the serious side. It got heavy —

And I think there’s a time and place to that…. but it always bothered me a bit.

Why would anyone want to “get spiritual” if it meant they were going to be dealing with heavy emotions or that it wasn’t upbeat, light and fun.

And this is what I thought about for years when I would teach my workshops.  I loved what I was teaching, but I hated the “serious” nature to them.

Until now…..

And this is where the bouncy ball comes into play 🙂  A beautiful gift from Spirit.

Well, this past week, when I got the messages of what I am to be doing these days (one of the projects) is that I am re-working how I teach.

I am re-working how I present myself at talks.

I am re-working how I present my work.

When I found the bouncy ball… or rather was given it by Spirit… I was thinking just that.  Ideas were coming to me of what I wanted to add to my live talks and workshops to give them that fun, light, playful element that I am known for (or at least used to be known for with my event planning company)

And that’s why this is all so cool.

My wish was granted.

My prayer was answered.

I always hated the seriousness and heavy energy of spirituality — and now I’m able to add fun, lightness, playfulness to the mix.

Just like with my event planning company — where I took a taboo sensitive subject (sex) and made it fun…

Well here again I am taking healing…. and what I do is deep healing and big transformation / life changes for people… and making it light and fun.

This is what is so cool.

This is what makes me so happy.

And the bouncy ball was all part of that.  A gift that gives me more inspiration to think out of the box.  To add more play.  Add more fun.  And that’s so freakin’ cool. Grateful for this.  Thank you…

Now I just need to get to work and write it all down!! 🙂  (more on this with the next post)