July 4, 2013

I am being very present — or at least trying to — since I am breaking this cycle of lack and “not enough”

I have noticed that with money and with my tv job these lack and “it’s not enough” has been coming up.

This old cycle that I am ready to say goodbye to.

With money, Spirit has been providing money for me during this transition — and I get that it will always take care of me, that money will always flow and that they will always provide money for me.. I think I’m in a pretty good trusting place with that, since this has been going on for a few months.

But I now have been giving the impression, saying, thinking to Spirit that it’s not enough.

“Hey Spirit, I know you provide money for me… and that’s great… but can you provide loads of money to me?  You say money comes from source and not my job… so I know that’s enough to get by… but can I live luxuriously off of this money you provide me?”

And this has been a limiting thought.  A thought of there never being enough.  A place of not really appreciating or being in gratitude.  A place of being in lack.

And then with the job… well I think this recently shifted, actually I know it did cause I’ve been feeling in my zone, very passionate, and on purpose with reporting on the Zimmerman trial…

But before Zimmerman trial, it was a constant — where is this tv job? I want it and please bring it to me already.


So I’m clearing that all up now.

I am grateful for the money Spirit consistently gives me.  I appreciate you providing for me always and during this transition in my career.  thank you.

I know you always take care of me, always guide me, always give me ideas to pursue, and I thank you for all of this.

I am so loved and guided by you – always, and I thank you for this.

Thank you so much for giving me the idea to watch the zimmerman trial, and then the inspiration, passion, and purpose — and PUSH – to make videos about it.

I sooo love it and feel great doing it.  You knew what would make me happy and I appreciate you.

Thank you so much for giving me the ideas on how to present the videos yesterday.  To break up videos, talk about the trial, what has been happening, and give my opinion on each segment.  That’s genius.  Little bite sizes and I love it and you for guiding me.

Thank you for directing me in this direction — to talk about the actual trial and weave in my spiritual thoughts that way — guiding me that that is the way for more people to hear me.  To pay attention and listen, rather than sharing abstract spiritual concepts.  Thank you so much for this.

Thank you for answering my prayer and so quickly — when I asked, how can I share my message in a way that people can hear me… you answered.. and again so quickly.

Thank you for helping me work it out.  It feels great and it’s been a win-win for everyone.  Me, the presenter and the viewer.  Thank you for satisfying my need to teach and doing it in a way that I didn’t feel I was losing out on something or had to change something about me or sell out.

Thank you so much, I love it and thank you

I am feeling very blessed today, passionate, and on purpose.

I feel so happy to be working in a field I love, entertainment and healing — the combination of the two, thank you so much.

And thank you for making it in a way that I’m not a weirdo, sticking out, but rather than a person that people listen to, respect, and learn from.  In my expert position.

Thank you so much! I love you.