April 16, 2013

Yesterday there was the boston marathon bombing.  Immediately I got an idea to do a video about the bombing and intuition.

How as a society we’ve lost our animal instincts – which is our intuition.

And how it’s not just a party trick to find out when you’re going to get in your next relationship, etc.

I’m going to film that video today, but I will tell you I am feeling shameful, insensitive.

The thoughts came to me yesterday almost as fast as the idea came.

I posed something on my Facebook about developing your intuition and the boston bombing and I was afraid about doing that, afraid what people would say, afraid of people getting mad at me.

For being insensitive.

You know, when you don’t have TV and you tend to get the news from your Facebook feed, it doesn’t have the drama, the color, vivid visuals that you get when the news reports on things.

I feel bad for the people and the city of boston, but it doesn’t effect me like it used to when I was watching it on TV.  I think this is the healthier way, actually I know it is, but it also (maybe) desensitizes you, you don’t feel that huge emotion and sadness and anger, or whatever you would feel like you do when you watch stuff on tv.

So i love giving these commentaries.  They come so naturally to me and it’s a great way for me to give my views, be seen, be powerful, and make a video.  Everything that I love.

I would love to get paid to do this.

I have some ideas of how to make that happen.

Asking for the Universe’s help in making it happen.

I’m also asking that they protect me.  I feel that my style — all along with things I teach and/or say — just being me (you see how that girl was triggered by me calling myself the Love Guru, 🙂 ) so I think my style is controversial.

That’s what gets the videos and my work passed around.

It also requires me to be firm in my love for myself and stand behind what I put out there.

I decide it’s okay.  I can’t look towards anyone else to say it’s good, acceptable, etc.

I see how my childhood – and my many years of business, especially these last years of doing Love Guru full time having people watch videos or read blogs and not say anything – was good training ground for this.  I had to decide for myself if the information I was putting out was good.  That’s very valuable learnings.  Thank you.