January 5, 2013

As you may have noticed, I’ve removed the blogging requirements from this website.  No longer do people “have to” blog.  They won’t be kicked off.  They won’t be given warnings.  I’m not even doing the questionnaire requirement anymore that I put up for a month or so that I wanted people to fill out before they entered.

I understand better now that people are each at their own stage of growth.  Some are more verbal.  Some are more fearless.  Some are more communicative.  Some are just more ready.  Some, writing will never be their thing.

I know that people are still learning and changing by reading my adventure anyway.

And I know that they are going on their own, whether they are processing it through their forum thread on there or in their journal or no where at all.

I get it now.

Or at least I “get it better” than I did before.

No more forcing anyone to do anything.

No more pushing my agenda, based on my insecurities or wounding.

I get it and I’ve healed that.  I get it and therefore, I’ve removed that…

Thought you should know 🙂