May 30, 2013

I knew this day would come.  From 200 press contacts, down to 44 friends.

Yes, some are friends.  Others are press contacts that I am going to get back in touch with over the next week or two to pitch them.

I sent two emails yesterday — one to a showrunner (head of show / creator) and one to an executive producer — both are basically the ones who run tv shows.

I have spoken to both of them before.

They are “contacts”

But here’s the deal.

They didn’t reply.

With one of them, it’s the second time I sent them an email, over a month or more of time and they didn’t reply.  Both about different things.

So this annoyed me of course.

And it was a cue to me to say “bye bye”

No point in being connected to these people if they don’t reply to my emails.

That’s old relationships for me.

And yes, I know a lot of TV people behave that way — if they don’t want to do what you are offering them, they won’t reply.

Heck, that’s what has happened with this new TV exec I am in contact with.  He said he was going to contact me on Thurs/Fri and he didn’t.  I followed up with him asking for manager contact, he replied that he was still interested in me and didn’t reply about the manager thing.  Just ignored me.

This is old stuff.

Old ways I would accept as ways of being treated.

No more.

And this is something I’ve been holding onto for a long time.  My press contacts.

But no point in “holding onto them” or being connected to them online if there is nothing else there.

I want to work with people who communicate well, who reply to emails — all emails, and who are mature to say “sorry, I’m not interested” or something to that effect, rather than to just blow me off.

So today I went through my whole list and just started clicking “unfriend”

I’m not mad at them — oh no.  I just don’t want to have any resentment build.

The thoughts going through my head as I released almost everyone… which I will get to that point, is that I will speak to them when they contact me.  Let them come contact me.

That seems to be my way in this lifetime.  To be me and to let people flow into my life.

When I go to reach out to people (sometimes) I get disappointed.  Besides, it’s better off this way – – because I want to work with people who know my work, like my work, are passionate about my work.  Some TV people are a special breed, it’s the thing I didn’t like about being in TV.  The fakeness.

But I don’t care.  Cause I have the intention of creating loving powerful relationships with people who are on the same wavelength with me.  And the ones who reply to me, etc.. those are the ones I keep near and do projects with.

The other ones I will see them again — I will talk to them again — or I won’t.

There’s plenty of TV people out there.  No need to be in fear or lack… and that’s what made me connect to all of them on Facebook and hold them near for so long.  Thinking that they were my in…. or my way back in… but they’re not.

G-d is.  And I’m close to him and the vision of my work and that’s all I need.

So I release these contacts that are no longer to make way for those who are aligned.  I’m open to the new.  Thank you.

PS:  Notice how the number of contacts I have is 44 🙂

And when I was writing this it was 1:44 — then 1:55

Funny.  No coincidence with that 🙂