February 16, 2013

My pictures came in the mail today — and I love them!

So many came out soo amazing!! And when I put the new picture on my website I heard


Yes!  Blast off.  I am flying.  I am ready to fly — am I flying?  I’m ready to fly.

Here’s a screenshot of my website

Guiding Individuals Who Are Single, In Relationship, and Married To Their _Happily Ever After_ | Blaire Allison-2


Wow!  Is that me?

Yep, that’s me!

I look beautiful.  Radiant.  I love it!  So sexy too.  And that’s what I have been hiding about myself – my sexual nature.  That’s something I’ve struggled with over the last many years.  I used to put that out a lot, in college, and then somehow I hid it away when I stopped the clubbing, but that’s me.  I have sex appeal, and it’s beautiful.  Sensual.  I love that outfit.  I love that pose.  I love those colors.  BLAST OFF is right.  I am ready for this.  Big life changes.  Amazing how the shot of me changed so dramatically since June — now we’re in February.  Wow!  Thank g-d.  I love it, I love me.  Thank you!!  I am ready for really big things now.