April 29, 2013

With my business, as it was — is now a blank slate.

All business transactions with students — past and current students – is now complete.

I am wide open as to what and who Spirit will bring me.

In a way I feel a little bit sad.  No more students.

But I feel hopeful and trusting and in the KNOWING — yes, it’s in the KNOWING — as I know Spirit cleared out all the old students, completed packages, etc to make way for my new way of being in business.

Bottom line… and this is worth big celebrations…. I have expanded so much since starting this website.  I have changed so much.

Man, I should write myself a testimonial!

I’ve outgrown all my students.  Which are now PAST students.

I am now vibrating at a faster / higher level and I trust Spirit, as they always guide me to what’s best.

It’s April 29th.  I asked Spirit for a certain amount of money this month and I am still hopeful that it will come tonight / tomorrow… as I set my sights on it for this month, the month of April.

Now one would think, Blaire, how can you still have faith when it’s the 11th hour?  When it’s the 2nd to last day in the month?

I do.

I have the faith.

I have the knowing.

Money will come.

More students will come.

New paying opportunities will come.

This is a time of expansion for me… and dreams come true.

I know it – because I feel it — and also because that was the song I wrote a few days ago.

It was the song that came through me the other day.

About living my dreams.

About my dreams finally come true.

They are.  They are here.

I’m faithful.

That’s what it’s all about.  The knowing.

I have the knowing and I TRUST Spirit.