June 5, 2013

Before I share my story, I want to just add here that I had a dream last night that my toilet overflowed — I looked it up and it says that that means there’s a desire to express my full emotions.

I take that as a desire to express my full self.  My full creativity.  My full story.  To come out and shine.

This has to do with the tv pilot idea I’ve been putting together.  More on this in the next post…

I was doing some more figuring with dates and numbers and I want to revisit the post I did a few days or weeks ago about the personal year I was in 2004.

In 2004, I was in a 7+1+6+2+00+3 year = 7+7+5 = 14+5=1 year.

I don’t know why I was having trouble with this before, but I was 🙂  haha!

I was in a 1 year!  Just like I am now.

That’s when my MarryBlaire site went up.  It went up 2-3 weeks before my birthday.  3rd week of June.  Right around then.

Well, this is 9 years later.  7+7+2013 = 7+7+5 = same as above, 1 year.

The time is lined up right now.

This is very exciting.  There’s also an expectation to produce.  To succeed.  I want this real bad.  That’s where the pressure comes in.

I’ve been getting guidance to do a certain type of meditation I was doing back then, to do it now.  That was the weekend I went on my first two weekend long meditation and manifestation retreat.  Learning a lot of new stuff, that I also already knew.  But the meditation I think put me over the edge.

I was meditating a lot that weekend and as we were doing it my brain was being reprogrammed, cause the instructor was saying positive stuff to us.

I need to get on this.  Now.

I will do it after I write this post.

Well.. after the next one… as I have one more post to write.  Something that is also on my mind.