June 17, 2013

Well, today I went after 3 big guns.  1 executive producer of two popular shows on TV and 2 network execs.  All contacts.  Two I have met with before.  One was a Facebook Friend.

Just decided to go for it.

Rather than sending one email and waiting what one person said — I sent to all three.

One I called though (that was the last post.  I just called again and got voicemail — but I’ll follow up again tomorrow if I don’t get a reply email from him, which I expect to, we’ve chatted before)

So I went for it.


Go – go – go!

I’m ready to do this.


Baby Blaire is ready.

Big guns Blaire is ready.

Let’s do this!

And you know what’s funny… I went to take a shower afterwards and am going to go take a walk now to get psyched and clear my head — and I couldn’t help but hear my ego… “chicken head… groopie chicken head”

Very funny, I said.  But we’re working in partnership.  Whoever works with me on this project will make a lot of money.  It’ll greatly benefit their network.  This is a mutually beneficial relationship.  I’m an expert.  I’m great.  I’m wonderful.  I’m smart.  I’m filled with wisdom.  I’m the Love Guru Blaire.  I’m no Chicken Head Groopie.  Very funny…..

Gotta laugh it off.  Not getting attached to that visual either.

Oh my!  LOL

PS:  Just started listening to the astrological report for this week and it says “action taken today will inspire new beginnings” — ahh yea.  There was some talk about Aries / new beginnings and Gemini / taking action — Well the planets are lined up great for me, because I am feeling so good, so motivated to move forward and so powerful.  I’m going to send a follow up email to this lady who works at a TV development company, I emailed her two weeks ago (I think) and didn’t hear anything… I’m going to follow up 🙂 Oh yea!  Interesting and I’m noting it how sometimes I take these things personally (the no reply) and other times I don’t give a shit… just moving forward.  I prefer the latter.  It’s my life, my agenda, my creation, and I’m moving forward.  Now that’s the ticket.  I think in some areas I was getting too sensitive and taking things too personal.  Happy to free myself from that PERMANENTLY