April 7, 2013

This post should really be before the last one, as this is what I was going through last night.

When I was laying in bed last night and was thinking about why I was intimidated about living at this luxury place — I was doubting things and/or talking myself out of it — I got a message from one of the Ascended Masters I’ve been working with, Dana – that I am (we all are) royalty and it said basically to go for the gold — that I deserve it – and she will help me with feelings of self worth — cause that’s what I have been dealing with — or at least yesterday, not feeling worthy of living there.

And that was the realization.  Because I have spent more for a place I lived in – much more but the building, the location, and the people who lived in the place were not as nice “groomed” as the people in this building.

I’m telling you, it’s a whole adjustment to me.

Not one I’m not used to – cause again I was raised like this – I was the one who always rebelled against it, turned up my nose (why do you need that? kind of comments, it’s snobby — but look, I was the one being snobby!) – anti-materialism.

Well, Spirit was asking me questions about this.  Making me realize things.

Why was I having issues with this building – these people – this lifestyle?

It was because I didn’t feel worthy to live there.

Worthy to be in that class of people.

But that’s me.  That could be me.  I just need to look at myself differently.

When you look at yourself differently, you change your life.

That’s such a powerful sentence.  It really resonates with me.

And that’s what I’m doing now.  Changing how I look at myself.  Changing my life.


I’m grateful that Spirit – especially my Ascended Masters are helping me with this.

Thank you!!

PS:  I wanted to include this conversation I had with Magic last night.  He’s so cute and he always makes me laugh; he has such an adorable personality — a personality that always surprises me what he says and how he says it.  It’s hilarious.

ME:  So Magic, do you feel worthy of that nicer place?

HIM:  Yea, why not?  What’s the big deal?

Haha.  Maybe you had to be there?  Hear the way he said it.  Hilarious.

I notice I have notes here that say (In my journal) – this has to do with feeling inferior around people with money – -more perceived success – like I’m not on their level – that they’re somehow better than me.

And then, right after that I got the beautiful message that I speak about above about helping me work on self worth and that I am royalty and about living in luxury. YES!  HELL YES!  I say yes to this lifestyle!