April 7, 2013

The other thing that has really been hitting home this week, a deeper KNOWING is how when the timing is right, people come to me.

Of course that’s a popular saying, when the “time is right” – something like that, but many people say that as a thing, not really getting it.  A surface level statement.

Interestingly enough I can pick up these days, when people say these types of sayings to me (like “it was meant to be”) but don’t really get it on a deep level. — There’s deeper level of meanings to these things.

So anyway, this week I got into the deeper knowing and understanding of this.

That some students who are around me – now working with me — have been sharing their stories.

How Spirit kept poking them to work with me or come to an event or something – but that they kept ignoring it, or not understanding it was a sign, etc.

And this has been healing for me as well.

A feeling like, I am being taken care of (again, another understanding that has been at a deeper level this week)

That Spirit is sending people my way — and there is no reason for me to keep pushing them because they are feeling their internal urgings to come work with me but they just aren’t ready to listen to it.

That made me feel good.

Made me relax more.

I hope this time I remember it…. that the feeling of deeply knowing this stays in my body.

So again, right now, that’s what Spirit is doing.  Knocking on people’s shoulders, tapping them, urging them, showing them weird “coincidences” on how I was brought into my life.

There’s no need for me to get upset that they are not following through, that they are not working with me.  There are plenty of students to go around.  Plenty of clients.  Plenty of money provided.  This is a knowing as well — and a bit of a leap of faith in deep trusting of this.

Cause after all that’s why I would get upset, cause I thought by them not following their urgings it meant that I was somehow suffering.

And actually that’s the feeling I felt so strongly with my ex.

Because he wasn’t moving forward with his growth, I was the one to suffer.

But again, he wasn’t ready — it wasn’t meant to be between us (well, actually we each had a choice of what to do) – and I wanted to step it up in my growth, he wasn’t ready — whatever.

There’s no loss here.  If he’s not ready to, then Spirit will bring me a partner who is.

And that’s the same thing with clients/ students.

There’s no shortage.

No shortage to the amount of students I can serve.  If person x is not ready to step up and follow the signs right now, then Spirit will bring me person y who is.

Yes, I am being taken care of.  Getting this at a deeper level.