June 8, 2013

Judith Orloff wrote on her Facebook page that when she started speaking in person she started having these fears of being shot.

She said it was the collective memories of past lives of healers and seers being prosecuted in the past.

I already knew that.. about past lives, but the way she wrote it — her personal experience, really hit home for me.

I have that.  Not in the fear of speaking — but in being on TV and then, yes, I guess then coming into a stadium filled with lots of people, fear of being shot.

Or walking on the street.  Fearful for my life.

And that’s what I was — yes… not sure if I wrote it on here, I think I did — about my dream a few nights ago — how I was very afraid of being in my apartment, I woke up with this feeling of shock, that once taping started I was very afraid to be staying in this apartment, that I wanted to be in an enclosed apartment, not one where anyone can walk up to my door.

So much fear.

It’s comforting that she wrote that.  That she experienced that too….

That’s what I’ve been afraid of with becoming famous.

One of the things I am working through right now in order to be seen.

Incredible how these past life memories come to life — big fears and hesitations come up when you are right there, so close to taking the leap to fly — and do your Divine Mission.  Wow.