January 31, 2013

The other thing that comes to mind today — and yesterday as well, is being professional.

I went down to the restaurant where I’d like to have a social gathering and worked out a deal.

I wasn’t my normal — old — slick self as I wasn’t so sure on the idea that this is the route I wanted to take my life in again… so as I was talking to the owner about the deal, new things were coming to me and I know I didn’t come across as so self assured and confident.

In any event, I thought all was good and I went home – but that evening I had a dream where something went wrong during the event and it reminded me to have the guy sign a contract.

Now a contract feels a bit formal for down here.  A bit cut throat, maybe aggressive… and yes, it felt that way sending it to him.  Maybe just cause I am out of practice and out of that NYC mode?

Anyway, I sent a few emails to the guy, confirming details like what was going to be on the food buffet and if it was okay that he put a link on his website to promote it.

He said yes to the promotion, but I haven’t heard back from him regarding what’s going to be on the buffet, nor has he sent his approval of this contract.

Now I know contracts may scare people.  Maybe he doesn’t want to say he’s going to serve eggplant parm and then not have it in stock that day.  Maybe he’s afraid of some lawsuit, I have no idea.

What I will tell you is that I haven’t heard back from him to that email and it’s strange to me.

I just sent it again… which was a repeat of my resend this morning.


I’m ready to role with this event.  Maybe I am pushing it too much and should have waited with that second email today til tomorrow… but come on, this is ridiculous.

I’ll see what happens, and I have questioned my thought to do a contract, but I was following my intuition, I’m not a little girl, and if I am spending MY PRECIOUS TIME AND ENERGY (notice the emphasis here) then I want things in writing.

Why is this weird to me?  This is what I used to always do with no problem. Is this not the right way to go about it?  I know I should have said something to him in person but this idea came to me afterwards.

Anyway, I know it’s really no big deal, yet again I find it weird he’s a no reply.

Well there are other restaurants and if he doesn’t get back then I will approach another and take it from there.

I’m bringing business to his business during his off night.  This is good for him.  If he wants to be shady and/or not reply or whatever, then who cares.

Enough time and energy thinking about this…. but I’m noting it.

We’ll see what happens.