January 11, 2013

Around 2 weeks ago I became more vulnerable in my business.  Whereas in the past, I wouldn’t have posted an event I was doing for lack of people that I know here in South Florida, plus low signups and comments as well – I just did it.

Who cares already?

I used to think that with business you build up such a facade of success and then if you post something on Facebook and low or no people comment or signup for things on there it looks bad for business.  Like you’re not popular.  Like you’re not busy.  Like you are not making money.  Like you are not successful.  Like you are a loser.

But then after years of examining other people’s Facebook page (and yes, I’ve done this many times over the years… or shall I say I WASTED TIME doing this for many years) I realized that many people who I personally think are successful don’t get a single person “liking” or commenting on their posts.  Not a one.

And then I noticed some other people who I thought were “popular” or “successful” not getting people RSVPing on events they put on Facebook.

The whole social media thing is crazy.  It’s like we all have to care what others are looking at and doing and then if many people “like” a page, we will too… after all it must be good.

And yea, that’s human nature, but it’s also a mind trip for anyone trying to do business.

So I just said, “to hell with it” and posted my events on Facebook.  Becoming more vulnerable.

This way, now people see that there are only around 18 people who are on the invite list.  Oh well, I don’t know many people in South Florida and I don’t usually friend people on my Facebook either as I use it for a certain side of my business (the friend list, that is) – and ohh well, that’s the way it is.

So I did it.

It doesn’t matter what people think anymore.  (I think…) It is what it is and I should be confident in my services regardless of who is “liking” my stuff, making comments, or RSVPing that they are coming to a live event.

I do this work to help people, not to win a popularity contest or give an outwardly appearance of importance (as many people do, by having their friends “like” things or RSVP to show that their event is popping off).  I will remind myself of this (hopefully) when I get into old ways of thinking.  It seems like this is a lesson that I continue to be reminded of…

PS:  I also am reminded to say here as well that I started becoming more vulnerable with this site, by putting up a FORUM section. In that section you can see how many people are registered to be apart of this adventure.  That makes me vulnerable.  There can be all kinds of judgment as to the amount of people who are enrolled in this or not enrolled.  But again, I chose to just put it out there as I know the FORUM  / to blog about what is triggered through my posts is very helpful in one’s growth.