November 10, 2012

I saw one of our fellow adventurer’s blogging about being an intense person. ¬†(I’m keeping you anonymous) ūüôā I have been called this as well. ¬†Many people are afraid of “intense” people. ¬†That passion scares them. ¬†“Intense” people usually have some anger and/or wounding floating around in there as well. ¬†Although healing needs to be done, this is not a bad thing because being intense is actually a really great gift when you are doing your life mission.

I used to be afraid of intense people. ¬†Funny how I ended up being one of them. ¬†I have been thinking about this topic of being intense since I put out my first video, I’m Not Being Nice Anymore. ¬†There are several thoughts I want to share with you in this post about “being intense.”

First off, intensity is a form of power. ¬†And I think you need to be intense in order to be an effective leader. ¬†Sure I know there are many people who are leaders who aren’t intense, but I’m going to start gathering a list of role models who are intense… and who are amazing leaders.

One person who comes to mind is Martin Luther King. ¬†He’s been visiting me a lot and speaking to me. ¬†(I’m a Medium as well). ¬†He’s been guiding me through this adventure that I am sharing here with you. ¬†He was intense. ¬†Intense meaning focused. ¬†Meaning passionate.

To be an amazing leader you need to be both – focused (on what your goal is) and passionate about it.

People with passion stir up emotions.  They inspire people to follow them.  They inspire others to get up into action.

Passion (or intensity) is a calling from the heart. ¬†The power of the heart. ¬†And the power from the heart is the strongest energy force out there. ¬†That’s something to be proud of.

“Intense” people also have anger floating around in them. ¬†This is properly called resentment.

Resentment to how they were treated.

Sure we can go through forgiveness techniques and I do feel this is necessary before you can truly be effective in leading… and I also think this is maybe why the intensity scares people as well (the anger that they feel)…. but I think that resentment stays in some form or another, because maybe that’s what is needed in order for you to get your mission out into the world.

When we were growing up, people were probably afraid of your intensity, they didn’t understand it, so they labelled you “intense” as a way to shut you down.

“Oh no, that must be bad, so I will shut it down”

I have a few explanations for this.

1 – Like I just said, they didn’t understand that passion, they don’t have it or rather they are not in touch with their passion…. so anything that people don’t understand they are afraid of.

2 – Since they are not in touch with their passion, there may be some jealousy cause you are so “lit up” over projects…. they don’t have that life force running through them (again, it wasn’t encouraged or nurtured and therefore shut down in them) so they want to shut it down in you. ¬†They can’t have it.. neither should you.

3 – Since intensity has some anger/resentment tied into it… I think related to not being able to speak up or not being heard… this anger feeling that comes with intensity can scare some people. Why does anger scare people? ¬†Because our culture looks down upon it. ¬†Angry people are looked at as “out of control” and people being unpredictable.

4 – Also people may be afraid of the intensity or rather than anger that comes with it, because they have repressed their own anger feelings. ¬†They have shunned it in themselves, so therefore when someone else mirrors their anger that they are not aware of they get really scared. ¬†It’s a disowned part of themselves.

I have a lot to say about this stuff, like I said earlier, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for several weeks since I put up my first video, “I’m Not Being Nice Anymore”

I think when we are growing up that intensity is not very well targeted.  I think this can also be scary to people as well.  Random intensity flying around everywhere.

I think the true challenge and gift is focusing that intensity straight onto your life’s mission. ¬†When you are able to put that intensity focus on your gifts and your serving (yes, I’m using the word serving) ūüôā the world, then that’s where you find true power.

(PS: ¬†After I wrote this post I felt pulled to look up if Martin Luther King Jr is an Ascended Master and it ends up he is. ¬†I’m grateful he is working with me at this time and very cool he’s an Ascended Master as well) ūüôā