February 6, 2013

When I got home I was thinking about my experience meeting this bestselling superstar.

I was seeing how jazzed I was.  How excited.  And I called my mom to beam to her about how wonderful life was unfolding and how exciting it was.

It made me think how most people I meet – if not all – bore me.

No one ever really inspires me.

No one ever really lifts me up.

And how this is really something that I need to be around more.  More people who boost me.  More people who inspire me.  More people who jazz me.

I need that.  I want that.

No more around these downers or these people who aren’t living fabulous lives.

I want to be around movers and shakers, people who are just fantastic in every way.

I want this and I deserve this… and this is the experience I am now manifesting.

Enough with these other people.  It’s okay to be around these other people to teach or uplift them, but I deserve to be inspired on a regular basis and lift higher too!

Yes, I deserve this big time!!