March 5, 2014

Remember when I said to you I’ve been thinking about prison a lot and how that’s been sitting uncomfortable with me because what you focus on, you draw to you.

Well, the last day or two it’s come to me that this is what it’s like when you’re in prison.


You are just BEING.

You’re in the present moment.

There’s nothing for you to do — but BE.

This has been in my mind a lot last night when I had that thought that my money is taken care of — always.

And that my career is taken care of — always.

So that removes all this tension, anxiety, fear I used to carry with me…. it’s actually a GREAT GIFT Spirit has given to me.  (I’m still processing it all)

Because now I’m free to simply BE.

When you’re not worrying about if you’re life is going to turn out right.

And when you’re not worrying about making money, having enough money, meeting expenses, advancing in your career and then some…. you are just there.


So this is the gift of the now that Spirit has given me.

Thank you.

I think it’s a pretty huge gift, but again I’m still processing it all.

But this is how I feel — for maybe the first time in my life… that I can RELAX — and that I can BREATHE.

I’ve been taking deep breaths all day.

That’s the gift of spaciousness.  Of relaxing.  Of no stress.  No worry.  No fear.  There’s air.  Space.  Expansion.  Freedom.  Time to for breathe.  It’s really quite amazing.