June 3, 2013

The last few days I started thinking about being in partnership again.  These haven’t been hardcore thoughts or times when I put out hardcore prayers, they were just passing thoughts.. fleeting thoughts.

Questions to myself on what type of guy am I interested in right now — and do I want a guy right now when I’m planning on moving to California in a few months?  Not really… but I would like to start having some fun, hanging out with some guys, enjoying some social moments and new experiences.

Well, just like that — literally as soon as I started thinking about it… the Universe started delivering.

Really freakin’ fast, right?

Funny cause I was just thinking yesterday — “Blaire, you haven’t manifested a partner in almost 4 years.  What will you do to attract someone?  Will you go through one of your programs and do it step by step?”  and I was laughing cause since this is what I teach there was a tinge of internal pressure about “getting it right”

But I dismissed the thoughts and said, well maybe now’s not the right time cause I’m moving out to California and I want to date and marry someone in Entertainment (I think) — maybe my manager or an Entertainment Lawyer 🙂

I don’t even think I want to get married again.  But partnership, yes.  Anyway…. these again where just fun, short fleeting thoughts.

And poof — met a guy on Friday.  Met a guy today.

The guy today seems like fun.  He also does deep sea fishing.  That would be cool to get to know him better so I feel comfortable going out on the boat with him.  That would actually be REALLY FUN.  And that’s really just what I’m looking for these days, FUN.  People to have fun with.  Enjoyable light, fun, adventurous relationships.

Here’s the post I made on Facebook…

If you have been reading my updates on Facebook you may have noticed how I’ve been meeting attractive eligible bachelors lately. One on Friday “by chance” who met me to purchase an item I was selling — and then one today, Monday who I met “randomly” on my way to the supermarket.

This is no coincidence and it’s definitely not random. And I definitely have NOT been going out of my way to meet these men. No online dating, no bars, no matchups. Nothing awkward and no physical effort.

I’ve just been going about my life… doing the things I always do.

I have been able to attract eligible men into my world right away by using the principles I teach. That’s it. Simple, easy. Done.

And this has all happened lately, which means over the last three days – that’s when this started happening.

I haven’t been wishing, hoping, praying or doing any effort before these last three days to find men…. all what changed is I just STARTED THINKING ABOUT BEING IN PARTNERSHIP AGAIN.

I started thinking about how yummy men are and how I’d like to start spending my time with someone special.

And then what happens?

Spirit starts answering my request – right away – the same day.

And starts bringing men my way so I can test the waters.
Having fun conversations and experiences — and go from there.
Decide what I want.

Now this is not a special circumstance for me. You can do this too.

The only difference is that I know how to do it… now it takes me less and less effort, because I have mastered how to work with the Universe to attract love.

You can too.

I take you through all the teachings and steps here: http://www.thespiritualwaytoattracttheone.com/attract-the-one-program/