April 13, 2013

So, my work has been changing.  This is great!

I view it something like this — although I am still letting it come to me on how to restructure what I offer…. You go to a matchmaker.  You hire them / purchase a package to be matched up 12 times. If you hit it off with the 4th person and get into a relationship, you stop.  You don’t ask them to get 8 more dates.  You celebrate that relationship and the matchmaker and you succeeded.

I see my work turning into the same thing.  I get people to new awarenesses  / levels of awareness in their life and then the package / program they signed up for is complete.  I think I will still keep this in a 3-month container, but I do think some things need to change as far as expectations, wording, etc.

And now here is where I am feeling held back (although I won’t let it stop me) — is that I have done a lot of work, and I guess a lot of work lately is showing on upleveling my thoughts and my value in this world, etc.  It’s all been coming to a head.  Well, it did over the last day or two with this student of mine.  And then it made me see the pattern of my last / and / past students.  All very quick levels of new awareness.

Anyway, I hear my students voices in my head — that the programs are expensive or they don’t have money for it — I feel their judgment and criticism, I feel them trying to hold me back.

Now I know this could be looked at as ridiculous.  How can your students hold you back?  And they won’t.  And I know it’s  also because my students I am helping raise their consciousness and their money awareness and poverty mindset, so it’s not like I can look towards them to be supportive of my business moves, etc.

But I guess I kind of wanted them to.  I guess I wanted them to be supportive of me like I am of them.  But again, I know they’re not in that mindset — it’s lack mindset, and again, DUH, that’s one of the reasons – although not conscious maybe or obvious on why they come to me.

It also has to do with how I am currently presenting and marketing these programs.  I think.

I have to bring more emphasis and awareness of them experiencing their true self or whatever else they are getting to experience.

So for example, you go to a business coach and they say I will get you at 100,000 a year — you pay me $5,000 for this — would you care if it took them 6 months or 3 months to get you there?

Man, I would gladly pay that if they got me there in that time frame.  And if they could do that in 3 months – wow, that’s super valuable.

That means out of my pain and misery and whatever else (as an example) faster.

I don’t think some of my students are getting this.

And this is up to me to better communicate.

This I will do.

PS:  I also look at this as a clearing out period of low vibrational students.  As I upgrade my students need to step up to match me or we go separate ways.  This happens with anything, now I have been experiencing it with business.  This is fine with me.  It’s good.  The old level I was playing at was attracting low vibration (mostly) people.  Now I am stepping it up and I will attract higher vibration, more prosperity consciousness people.  This is good!

I just need to stay focused and not let current students pull me down or pull on my energy with their negative beliefs and mindset.

PSS:  Beautiful, just pulled this card – “Don’t let others talk you into doing something that you know is wrong” — I also got “follow your heart” — and “divine purpose” being lead by my Master Teacher and I am on purpose.  Yes, thank you!