January 27, 2013

I am enjoying this process of writing my book.  I feel excited to write because it’s so inside of me, and I’m anxious to tell the story, and curious about what happens, but also I notice at times that money thoughts linger.

Very little lingering, but at times they are there.

My thought…. hurry, get this to the agent, let it be out to be sold.

That’s my mind.


My heart says… trust, know…

You are being taken care of.  Money has been coming in.  This is about trust.  When you are doing your divine mission, Spirit provides for you, Spirit cares for you.. and yes, this has to do with money.

I have been upping my prayer, gotta keep it in my mind.

Keep going.  This feels right.

I don’t want to rush through my writing projects.  Book projects will be like this.  You get paid when it’s partly written or fully written.

Right now I can pretend I know how the story ends and what I’m selling but I really don’t know.

I want to enjoy the writing of this book.

I am enjoying it.

But without the money or hurry concerns of a paycheck.

That’s not how I want to live my life.

I am past that.  I know better.

I am being cared for.

Deep trust.  Knowing.  Patience.  Groundedness.  Hold the energy.  Prayer.  Meditation.  All is good.