March 1, 2014

I woke up out of a dream this morning and was reminded of how when I used to come to Florida to visit my parents in winters that I would always be starving for dinner — we were going out as a family — but because my father wanted to have a drink to hang out and enjoy, since he had just flown into town, we’d have to wait.  This is related to that previous post I made of the learned helplessness the other day.

I wanted something.

And I was stuck waiting for someone else.

This definitely has been a pattern in my life.  And I see how it can make you feel helpless, frustrated, and powerless.  I’m sure there are examples of when I was young, but I see how Spirit is reminding me of ones I have experienced in my adult life.

It’s not important I remember all of them, it just confirms that it has happened.


So since my call with that shaman healer I have been thinking — and actually I’ve been saying this before I met with her – and of course this is why this came out when i was talking to her — that I want to be super powerful.

I want to be ultimately powerful.

When I say I want more clients –poof — more clients.

When I want more money — poof – more money.

I want to be able to manifest anything and everything I want, just like that.

We all should be able to do that.

I want that.  And I will figure it out.

And I’m grateful because learning about this thing in my childhood and healing it is all in the journey in making it happen.

Thank you so much!

Super powerful being Blaire, I am.  Yes.