February 19, 2014

Something else that came to me today is the thought about how I help people clear out of their victim stories….

How I’ve done this for myself…

And how I was powerful in a past life… and I’m sure I taught about this too — as I have memories of being very powerful, having many followers and calling for a revolution.

So I think with this lifetime, since I teach about being powerful, I chose to be a female (since in a past life I was male and powerful) — to show myself that no matter what your circumstance is you can be a powerful leader.

Last time I was a powerful male leader

This time I’m a powerful FEMALE leader.

I get it.  It makes sense.  Very cool actually — and I’m happy to be the one bringing forth this inspiration as well as showing myself I can do anything.

Rise from the ashes.

Command full attention.

Have huge crowds.

And be smart and respected.

Not a false power based on one’s beauty — but because of the words that comes out of one’s mouth.

Truly being a powerful female leader.