January 2, 2013

I speak with Dr King on a regular basis.  I feel like I need him.  He’s mentoring me.  I feel I’m in unchartered territory.  The making of a great leader.  And yes, that’s what I feel I am becoming.  I’m in training, if you will.

I asked Dr King what am I supposed to be doing with my days?

And he said, what do you think leaders do with their days?  They speak to the masses and then they live life.  They be with the people.  They see what’s going on in the world.  They feel the energy.

I realize in writing this that Dr King share this gift in common…. I think we share a lot of gifts in common… but here’s one that comes to me as I write this…. I have the gift to feel the energy of the world.  The beautiful part about this is this is what I started teaching about during my spiritual talks when I started them some year + ago.

I went with an agenda to talk about love/relationships and as the weeks went on and I got more comfortable in front of people again, I would start the talk talking about the current energy of the world and tied it into a spiritual teaching with exercise.

And this is what I realize that Dr King and I have in common – this ability to sense the energy of the world.  What’s going on with the world and what’s going on with the people and their energy.

He said, great thought leaders are one amongst the people.  That’s why it’s important that you get out and talk to people.  You see how you livened up by going to that bar.  Out with humanity you come alive.  You were inspired.  That’s when this all started.

You are ready for this now.  You are ripe.  The issues will find you.  You will speak through your videos.  You will speak live.  People will pay you to speak to them.

I keep wondering and getting excited about the idea of speaking in front of loads of people.  Keynote addresses, things along these lines.  I can see it.  A great thought leader of our time. I felt this yesterday as well.  Got excited about it.  It feels fantastic.

But it also feels different than I thought what I would be doing.  Different than what I thought I would be speaking about.

Sure, I get how I am still the Love Guru and how this is still love related, but it’s not in intimate relationships per say the way I’ve been doing it….

But I’m still doing it.  Still talking about love.

But this time in a mass – mainstream kind of way.  A way where everyone in the world can relate.  When you talk in people’s language, rather than spiritual mambo jambo, people get it.  People listen.  People awaken.  You’re relatable.

I feel a bit uneasy.  A little unknown.  Strange maybe.  Is this the right path?  I feel I may be being taken off my path.  Is this alright?  Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

I relax and let go.  I focus on the feeling, what I want to be doing… that’s being on TV and speaking to crowds.  Does it matter if I talk about this or that?  Probably not.  Again, the message is love.  Again, the message is awareness.  Inspiration.  It’s exciting.

But what about the healing work I do?

Again, this is the same.. just in a different form.  Reaching more people.  Mass healing.  This is okay.  You can do it.  It’s no different and no one says for you to give up what you are currently doing.  Just relax and release.  You will do many things in your lifetime.  It’s best if you do many things, this keeps you interested, this keeps you happy.

I don’t feel weird posting about The 7 Day Violence Detox like I do about other things business related.  It’s a movement.  I’m doing this for Spirit. I feel like they gave me the idea to do this, so I’m doing it.  There’s a detachment — a nonattachment, not like what I have with current Love Guru stuff.  I don’t take it personally.  This is what I was asked to share, so I share it.  I don’t feel weird about asking people to join who post comments or click “like” on one of my violence posts.  I keep putting it out there.  The message.  I just do it.  Who cares.  I am here to share.  This is not a spectator sport, do the 7 Day Violence Detox yourself.

I also have been sending tweets and doing FB posts to spiritual teachers and newschannels.  Spreading the word.  Again, no weird feelings about doing it.  No embarrassment, no shyness – I just do it… and do it again.  Persistence and commitment to the movement.

I just keep going and going.  Letting the changes happen.  Praying and meditating – journalling and pulling cards keep me sane.  I talk to my parents about what I am teaching now.  I share it with strangers.  I email family friends and email it to family members.  Everyone knows.  There is no hiding.  The 7 Day Violence Detox.  I don’t know really what’s going on, so I just let it all be.  We’ll all see together….