November 16, 2012

Since I had the idea for the Silly Stupid Event – and since I have re-integrated more with my Event Planner self, a new vision for my business has been stirring.  It’s sort of an old vision that I used to have… dealing with events…. cause that’s the business I used to be in… but now it’s being applied to Love Guru.

You see, it recently became very clear.  For some years I have been primarily been doing internet marketing for my Love Guru business.  This may sound like an obvious statement, as it’s what I’ve been doing…. but I only realized it to a level that I am going to explain to you right now.  You see, I was doing internet marketing because 1) I saw other people doing it with success and 2) … this is the newer realization, because I was HIDING OUT!  Oh man, man, oh man… yet again!

It was scary for me to see people and teach my work.  I was having self confidence issues, I guess…. I was afraid, most definitely…. I was still coming into my own.  Being sculpted.  Growing.  Just not ready.  Although I desired to connect with more people and build my reach and my business, it was more comfortable to hide (behind videos or blog posts or whatever else) then get out and meet people.  That was too scary.

But now I get it.  I am done with stage in my life.  I have growth through it and healed whatever needed healing… and now I am interested in being out there, teaching in person, being seen… and guess what?  Now all these ideas for new events are coming to me.

I like meeting people in person.  I’m good at what I teach. I know this now.  I have the confidence.  The assurance.  The results.  So I’m ready.  Ready to be out there.

So the thought came to me the other day…. to do more live events.  To build up connections and business here in South Florida.  I think for awhile I was nervous, hesitant, unsure how to make new friends in FL…. how to make new contacts in FL… build a business in FL… or even if I was staying  here in FL.

I still think I am moving soon… but I am willing to put in the investment to ground myself here.

You see for the last 2 1/2 years that I lived here in FL I didn’t lay down my roots.  I wasn’t staying… I was in transition… I was busy in my relationship, there was so much learning to go through there. Plus I was in graduate school for 2 years, full time – and it took up all of my time!

But now I am free of all of that and I am ready to plant my roots.

I am ready to do more of my events.  Build up an events company down here…. But instead of doing events where I hire other people, I come up with events that feature me.  My teachings.

Again, this seems obvious now.  This is what I’ve been wanting to do my whole life.  Teach in front of crowds… yet I am seeing it different now – again, I am ready for it now – and I see it through my event planner eyes.

Before I was looking for people to hire me to teach around the world….

Now I see myself as producing these special unique events to take me around the world.

Does that make sense?  It does to me.  I’m looking at my Love Guru business as an event business…. a business promoting fun and spirituality.  This is now my mission.  I get it now.

Before I was the Love Guru who did private sessions and that was it.

It’s maybe hard for me to explain the vision I have – but it’s there and it’s really jazzing me!