November 13, 2012

The answer to my prayer was an idea that came to me yesterday.  It was about doing an event for spiritual people who have become too serious.  When I wrote the event invitation it flowed out of me.  It was funny.  Real funny.  (I’ll post it on the bottom of this post so you can see it)

And then it dawned on me.  Here I am.  Here’s me.  The real me.  I remember you.  I recognize you.  Ahh… I missed you.

My funny side.  My joking side.  My playful side.  Ohh, how I’ve missed her.

But here she is now.  Back with me.  How great 🙂

And this is what I’m going to do.  This event.  And other events like this, because I have found that playful creative side to myself and now I am back applying her to my events.  Just like I used to do with my event planning company… and just like I did with my viral website

This makes me happy.

You know, I truly believe these things have to happen when they are ready.  Parts of yourself that need to be re-integrated… Sure, I sped up the journey big time by working weekly with Intuitive Healers – so there you go… that’s what did it.  But I also did tons of my own work.  But the timing had to be right.  I’ve been trying to get back this side of me for a long time.  Make my business more unique.  Make it more me.  But I had to go through certain steps first.  You always have to go through steps.  There are no shortcuts.  There are always layers to the healing.

So here I am.  Doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  Having more fun at it and feeling totally completely like me.  It feels good.  Totally unique and totally me.

Now I have a mark on my business.  Now it’s showing my personality.  It’s showing who I am.  This is really fantastic.  So happy and grateful for the insight and so happy and grateful I’m here.

Here’s the event I am doing, which is so uniquely me….

Introducing…. “The Silly Stupid Event For Spiritual People Who Have Gotten Too Serious”

Hey Spiritual Person!

Have you stopped saying SH*T and F*CK because it’s not the spiritual thing to do?

Have you stopped telling people to SHUT THE F*CK UP when they piss you off because it’s not how a nice, evolved person speaks?

Have you stopped making fun of people, laughing at the way that they walk, talk, or act because “when you judge another, you’re really judging yourself?”

Well STOP IT and LIGHTEN UP and join us this WEDNESDAY at an event made especially for you….  

 “The Silly Stupid Event For Spiritual People Who Have Gotten Too Serious”

Yep, talking to you here.

Have you gotten to be too serious?

Too serious about your “spiritual evolution?”

Well guess what, YOU’RE HUMAN and it’s okay to have fun.

It’s okay to scream with laughter.

It’s okay to act goofy and be stupid.

And no – learning about spirituality does not fall into the category of fun.  It falls into the category of LEARNING.

Everything in life doesn’t have to have a purpose.  It can be for no reason at all… like “FOR FUN!”

We’re having our first meeting on Wednesday November 28, 2012 at x in FL from 6:30-7:30PM and you’re welcome to join us.

And when you arrive, don’t go asking the sweet and innocent ladies at the front desk where our group is meeting because this event is not affiliated with the library and they won’t have a clue what you’re talking about.  The event is just being held there cause they have a nice outdoors area, with lots of tables and chairs and a great view of water.  But don’t be alarmed when you arrive, cause the cafe will be closed, so walk around the library to meet us.  We’ll be sitting there, outside, at the tables, waiting for you.

So you’re welcome to join us.
No, you’re encouraged to join us.
No, this is mandatory that you join us.

Because you’ve gotten too intense, too boring, and too serious to go on like this any longer.

Like I said, the event is on Wednesday November 28, 2012 from xPM and the cost is $x


And you must pre-pay. I’m not accepting any money at the door… and please do so by 4PM the day of.

And yes, this event continues every week after – every Wednesday is this Silly Stupid Event – but don’t delay and sit on your a*ss any longer.

Join us for the first event that’s happening on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What will we do?

Oh, wouldn’t you like to know you “I have to be in control person, you!”

We will do silly stuff.

Things that will make you feel embarrassed.  Ohh so embarrassed.

We’ll do things that will make you shake your head in sheer disapproval.

You will say things to yourself like “This is stupid”    “Why did I come?”   and “I wonder if I can sneak out of here?”  But you won’t and you know why?
Because you’ll also be having fun.

A lot of it.  If you actually let yourself relax.

You may laugh.  (Oh my!)

You may smile.  (Oh no!)

You may even make new friends.  (Incredible!)

So get off your a*s and sign up for this event right now.  There’s more to life than spiritual growth and healing!

Come out and have some fun!


PS:  Invite along your other “I’m Spiritual” (but oh so serious friends) too – we need everyone to lighten up.

(But no cliques… so if you’re going to come with a friend and only talk to him or her, then please don’t sign up because we don’t want you.  No snots either, because you’re not our type).  This is an event for people who are open to stepping out of their comfort zone.  Being friendly.  Exploring and being creative.

See you there!
PSS:  No refunds.  That’s right.  No refunds.  I know you’re not thinking about coming up with some lame excuse like “I’m working late” to prevent you from coming to this awesome event.  You sign up for event, you go to event.  No excuses and no, it’s not transferable to another event either.
PSSS:   And for real, don’t worry.  We’re all in this type of “wild and crazy” fun together.  We’ll take it slow.  Ease into it.  Talk about what we’re doing.  Talk about our feelings (and yes, how we can apply it to our life and grow through it… so don’t worry, there will be your “growth and healing” portion of the evening) 🙂  And you’ll never be put in a position where everyone is looking at you, you’re singled out and feeling like a real a**shole.  Don’t worry, we won’t do that to you (or anyone).  This event is just a way of stretching ourselves and doing some weird (maybe) goofy things as a group… and then laughing at ourselves afterwards (or during).

In any event, I hope you join and I will see you there.