March 9, 2013

So this author emailed me back about format of the talk.  Suggesting a Q&A.  I had so much to contribute, emailing them back some questions to cover — and told them I was going to learn all I could about them today.  It’s true – I will.  I’m a great researcher and I have so many questions.  That’s my strong suit – my curiosity.

And then the guidance came to me… BE THE MODERATOR.


You introduce him.

You ask him questions.

Then you open it up to the group.

Stand in your light.

Start taking center stage.

Interview this guy.  You be the connection.

I’ve had some fears come up of this person who has issues with me trying to mosey in and take all their attention.  Try to greet them ahead of time, try to get center stage, try to come off as the leader and organizer of this writing group — but they are not.  Or maybe they are sometimes, but not with this event.

This is MY gig.

It’s time for me to take center stage.

And wow.  This makes me so excited and nervous.  But a good kind of nervous.

Never thought I’d be “battling” with someone on “my” side to be the leader.  But who knew how this would go.  It’s time for me to claim what is mine.  Be there, right now, and agree with the Universe, show them I’m ready — that I’ve got this.

Use my power in a good way.  To support me and my dreams.  TO CLAIM THEM.

FUCK YEA!  This is what it’s all about.

I’m going to find a location and then set this up that I’m moderating it.

Going to take some pictures of me in my glory.  I am so excited to meet this guy and I feel he’ll be one of my friends, a contact.

This is what it’s all about.  Hell yea!!! HELL HELL YEA!

Be the moderator.